Potions Aplenty

I make and bottle potions. In my adventures of becoming an eclectic witch, I've found myself drawn to potionmaking, and usually imbue my potions with feelings or the weather. If it's a beautiful breezy day and I can capture that essence, I'll save a bit of it for another person ^_^

Can I prattle here? The page looks really empty without much text up here, so I'm going to go on a little bit. So, I was kinda pondering how to go about doing this, when starting out bottling potions. I... for whatever reason picked up the glass bottles in the dollar store, like I said, drawn to bottling potions, and decided to go with glass, more or less for classiness. That said, I've pondered if I could use other vessels to store my potions in, and having placed potions in some pretty unusual places (k, now you stay stuck here in this napkin until I get a bottle here), I can use just about anything ^_^

I imagine my bottle styles will change over the years too, so we can kinda keep track of that with this page too ^_^

Now, let's have a look-see at all of the little goodies we've got ^_^

All of my potions are reuseable, except when noted by a 1, or other number at the bottom right of the label.

I really like the swamp if you couldn't tell Approximately 40 potions in a pile Two potions of happiness, one is x2 and tears of laughter

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