T & S

The Thingies and Stuff logo

I love this logo so much on so many levels. It's evocative of erotic imagery, it looks like TS (which is often seen as abbreviated slang for 'truly spectacular'), which is quite convenient. When I'd come up with the name, its initials were immediately apparent to me, which amused all the more :).

Made using the sizes and fonts 250x PR Celtic Narrow (T), 150x FixedSys (&), and 350x PR Celtic Narrow (S), because that font makes the T and S different sizes for some reason.

I was able to use two different shades of grey to give it an anti-alised look, which was needed to create a visible ampersand. It was fit into the lid of this convenient box, submerged in resin, topped off with varnish (long story), then dried. It didn't work well as a mousepad as originally intended, but it now holds miscellaneous beaded coasters and other thingies and stuff that I've made :)

The Almost-bead Box-bottom (Tab for short). I made this at the same time as the Thingies and Stuff logo above, but this one has a backstory that rivals even that of the logo (see source code for details). You'll notice that the beads aren't fully formed. Over the years of making beaded things, some of the bags of beads had one or two that didn't receive enough plastic in their mould, and were unuseable as beads. I decided to keep them around, hoping to one day find a use for the beads that had lost their use.

For probably at least a decade they collected in their own bin in my beading box. When I was mixing the resin to set the above logo into its lid, I knew it was time for these beads to find their use. I also added a handful of odds and ends that had meaning to me... one of my first homemade beading needles, a heart pendant, a few chainmaille scales, a clasp... odds and ends.

The box itself is used to hold my various GoPro accessories, such as extra pins, joints, case, straps, miscellaneous things of that sort. Just something fun, y'know :)

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