. My Jack stone


Captain Jack Daniels - 2006 - 2014

This pouch is my reminder of and knowledge that Jack is waiting for me in Valhalla. Jack passed away on October 21st, 2019, a young cat barely age 9. He... got too sick, and I couldn't afford the medication. I cried for days, and cry periodically still. My son, the one that meant the most to me. Sugar I had when I was too young to grasp it, and had moved to my Aunt's place in Red Rose, Manitoba. Whiskey was Poochie's brother and went to live with my brother in Alberta. Jack... Jack was Nikita's sister, and was unfortunately taken from us early. Diabetes.

I miss that cat. Best cat I've ever known ❤

Those photo of him with Nikita are the last photos I have of them together. The other three are the last photos I have of Jack ❤
He left me a stone. I buried him in St. Vital park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at my favourite hammocking spot there. I visited it a few times over the years. Once, with my then-wife, and I found a rusty, open chainmaille ring at his site. A voice in my head (can't recall if I was spiritual then) asked me if I wanted to close it. I said no, he deserves to be free. I left the ring there, since I couldn't close it to wear it around my neck. I went and came back several more times, and on my second-to-last visit, on a spring day (April 12, 2018), he left me this stone, a lodolite-included quartz in a teardrop shape, that appears to have come from a wall decoration. It was sitting on the log right about where I liked to sit when visiting and talking to him up in Heaven. Oh my very last visit, January 1st, 2019, I left him a tetra orb as a gift in return.

I've since found this leather pouch at the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival on February 16, 2019, and soon got the idea to put my Jack stone inside. I've since also included a cross originally when he is with God, and now a crow since he is with Odin, and a playtoy for him. At first a tiny chainmaille ball inside of a glass tube, then a chainmaille heart, and then a small feather on a string toy.

I spoke with Jesus a lot, when he was in Heaven, being watched over by him there. When I became Pagan, Jesus talked with Odin, and they transferred Jack over to my new afterlife, Valhalla. The clairaudient thing, so like I was able to talk with Jesus (and I still do, don't worry there lol, I talk with everyone), and hooked Him up with Odin, and they like swapped him over there and now my cat is waiting for me in Valhalla there. Lol, spirituality, eh?

In Valhalla he's still living in a town of sorts, kinda wandering around and accepting food from whoever. A town cat. And that's where he's waiting for me now ❤

His bag has become a medicine bag now too, since October 2019. Y'see, it was originally called my "Jack bag", before I used it as a medicine bag as well. And that was fine for a bit, but then like... situations came up where people asked me what it was, and it didn't feel right to call it that, since locals would be expecting me to say medicine bag. And I was in pretty constant contact with the Cree Ancestors, so we realized that we had to come up with a solution for that. So we added a medicine bag aspect to it, and then I could answer everyone in a way that left everyone happy, and well y'know, I'd have a medicine bag with me, so that worked out! So now you know a little bit more about the history of this thing ^_^

His toys have changed a bit over the years too. It started as a tiny chainmaille ball in a tube, related to the gift I left him when I visited him once, at his grave site. Then a chainmaille heart, representing my love for him, which I also left at his grave site, on another visit. My third toy is a tiny feather on a string for him to play with. I've played with him spiritually with it, feeling him bat after it. It's wonderful, this gift of mine. Thank you so much Spirits, it means the world to me that he is waiting for me ❤
Below is nearly every photo ever taken of Jack. I love him so much, I'm glad that I can use this website to back up as much of him as I can. You were a beautiful cat Jack, I'll see you again some day ❤
These are all of the photos that I have of Nikita, Jack's sister. She was a lovely girl, silent, a bit aloof, but friendly and lovable. Good fighter too, in the right mood! A lovable cat, that stayed with a lovable woman, Laura. May she keep Laura company for all of her days ❤
And finally, we have Raistlin, their long lost sister. Nikita and Raistlin were adopted at the same time, while Jack came several weeks later. Raistlin was my friend Night-Red's cat, who ended up being unable to keep her, and she moved to several different homes after. Raistlin was wonderful, shy, a big ball of floof, and cute as a button ❤

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