Made out of whatever I had that worked to make it

Sometimes, a chainmaille project pops into my mind that's relatively meaningless, relatively simple, and relatively un-noteworthy. But I like to show off the stuff I make, too... quite the conundrum. Thus... this page, where I post pictures of the little thingies I make here and there.

This one for example was just me thinking "That thing online looks cool, let's see if I can make it." Interesting flower-looking thing, can't recall what it's specifically called (assuming it's been given a specific name by whoever made it first). I more or less just put a tealight on it and use it as a decorative candle-holder. Made another one which I ended up giving away. That's the other reason for the lack of pictures of minor things I've made in the past, I usually just give them away right after making them to whoever showed a genuine interest in it :)

Earrings! Cool, dangly ones :D!

I'd model these for you, since I actually got my ears pierced shortly before uploading this picture, but I can't remove my starter earrings for another month or so (when typing this), so this method it is. The pattern is called shaggy weave, by the way, stainless steel rings (which would pull even heavier on my newly pierced ears, so I'll probably hold off on wearing anything this heavy for about 6 months). But it's shiny :D

The watch chain

Just a fun little addition to a pocket watch that I like to carry on occasion. Stainless steel, made from a simple boxchain weave, with a scale on the end for funsies. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy, but it looks better than the default chain it came with :)

The other watch chain

Made from the same tempered high carbon sales that went into the Steel Strawberry, I used a gridlock pattern with the rings to make a double-sided scale chain. I love the look of this, and attached it to a carabiner to further the rugged look. I love the gridlock scale pattern, it just works so well, and the sides have a distinctive zig-zag look to them :)

The scale dicepurse

Given there's seperate pages for the dicebag, other dicebag, and purse, it's a bit unusual to have this gorgeous heart-shaped dicepurse tucked away in here. However, it received a full page of coverage on its Thingies and Stuff page, so I decided to just pop this into here like this to at least have it listed on Zebeth proper. All of the interesting text is going to be on T&S though :)

The Purple Shiny Jingly Dangler - Oct. 2016

This project started out from the most unexpected of origins. Earlier in 2016, the gearing of my bike had become damaged, and replacement pullies were purchased. Only one was damaged though, they come in sets of two, and I replaced both because 'why not'. Alas, I still had this one pulley, and kept it around to make something with. A while later, I ended up with a pile of extra purple niobium rings from my collar, and decided to use those with the gear to make a... something. Once I figured out a way of ensnaring the teeth of the pulley in chainmail, I turned it into a mini-chandelier of sorts, with tiny purple scales on the bottoms of the danglies. In the center are a pair of titanium scales, the central chain held there by a 5/16" stainless steel ring. I figured it would jingle nicely in a breeze, if it were placed in an elf garden or something. It's a present formy friend Purplee Paulina though, so that's for her to decide :).)

A Möbius Strip, the reverse evolution of the Möbius Ring - Dec. 2016

At some point I wanted to make a Möbius strip, and quickly learned that European 6-1 doesn't work for that due to an asymmetry when flipped. I swapped to Interwoven 4-1, which I was able to connect seamlessly after being möbiused. Thanks to the density of the weave (using 16ga 1/4"ID SS), it flips about between the fingers very nicely :)

The Oracle Pendant - Jan. 2020

Designed by Jenifer Lauren Martinez, and it was so awesome that I had to have a go at it :D

I went with green because I'm a pretty forest person. I'm coming to learn that I'm more of a storm witch though, so I may swap that to grey. Lovely design!

Expect this page to be updated on a relatively regular basis. There's always more thingies!

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