The dinosaur

Multiple sizes, mostly 3/16" ID, 18-gauge stainless steel rings

Sometime between 2009 - 2016

This... this entirely started as a "Huh... I wonder if I can make a chainmaille dinosaur." Purely just a test against myself to see if I could pull it off. Offhand, I'd say it came out pretty decently. Stands up well, relatively rigid, neck doesn't flop over. I pretty much just winged it during lunches when I worked as a customs broker. Half an hour a day or so for a month or two, just adding a few rings every day. Loooooootta trial-and-error though, overall, I probably placed and removed enough rings to build this thing three times over. Especially attaching the legs to the body... that took a lot of messing around to get them to look good, it to stand up, and not be easily 'mangleable'. I stuffed it with whatever scrap rags happened to be kicking around at the time; in this case, an old grey dish-drying towel. Don't worry, it was clean. There's not really much else to add, and I didn't think to take any mid-build pictures, so here's a pile of pictures of it from various angles.
I had no idea what to do with it once I finished making it, so I gave it to my niece Emilee. It's either that, or let it collect dust around here. So hey, she likes it :D

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